Sunday, December 13, 2009


Is there such a thing as too much pizza?? In our house, I know we could easily eat pizza every week and still look forward to it. For this reason I always have pizza toppings on hand. The crust, however, is the one item that takes a while to make since I usually make mine with yeast. Today we didn't want to wait for our pizza dough to rise so we tried a little shortcut. Pillsbury Grand biscuits made for a soft and flakey crust that was still durable enough to hold many toppings. These pizzetta's are perfect for an appetizer; they are fun for kids; and they work well for quick meal. I am listing the toppings that we used today, but there are no rules with pizza so top them as you see fit!
1 can of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits
Extra virgin olive oil
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese, shredded
Cooked Italian sausage
Onion, sliced
Green pepper, chopped
Green olives, sliced

Preheat oven to 375 F. Cut biscuits in half so they are 1/2 the thickness and press out thin with your hands. Place on baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Meanwhile in a small pan, saute onions and green pepper in olive oil until tender. Top with pizza sauce, cheese, meat, sauted vegetables, more cheese and freshly cracked pepper. Bake approx. 15 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

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